The Participant Experience

  • Core (required) sessions are scheduled prior to the start of each academic year. Participants should regularly visit and schedule themselves for sessions on the LEAD sign-up page to be guaranteed a spot.
  • Elective (participant choice) sessions are scheduled prior to the start of each academic year and also added and advertised as necessary. Events will be posted to the LEAD Calendar and also to the LEAD sign-up page if registration is required.
  • Reflection Credit: Remember that most sessions require a follow-up reflection. By navigating the headers below you will be brought directly to the assignments and documents needed to received full credit for your participation.

leadership Education

  • Core Workshops – two pre-selected topics below
    • Strengths Quest Personal Assessment (1.5 hours)
    • The Fine Line: Leadership and Followership (1 hour)
  • Elective Workshops  – two topics selected from the following (1 hour/workshop)
    • Bending, Breaking, and Just Saying No
    • Campus Integration
    • Does Personality Really Matter?
    • EQ and IQ: the Importance of Emotional Intelligence

facilitation & team Building

  • Core Sessions – two pre-selected sessions below
    • Team Building 101 (1 hour)
    • Challenge Course (1.5 hours)

Service Learning

  • Core Sessions – two pre-selected topics below
    • Rockbridge 101 (1 hour during fall term)
    • Group Reflection Sessions (one per semester – two 1 hour sessions)
    • Community Service (complete 17 additional hours of hands-on service)


  • Core Sessions – complete three core sessions below
    • Speaker hosted by LEAD on the virtues of leadership and trust
    • Round table hosted by LEAD (select one): How to give effective feedback, LEAD Program Design, and 30/20 discussion.
    • Leaders in Action - learn from a community member and submit a written reflection to the Integration Chair
  • Elective Sessions  – one additional speaker or round table event of your choice (does not have to be hosted by LEAD)

Track your progress

  • Personalized Checklist: Click the text above. Participants are encouraged to review their checklist throughout the year and email if they have concerns.