Tier 1 of the LEAD Program encourages students to examine the fundamentals of leadership, to think critically about the role of an authentic leader, and to explore their own leadership style and capacity. 


Core (required) sessions are scheduled prior to the start of each academic year. Participants should regularly visit and schedule themselves for sessions on the LEAD sign-up page (on Sakai) to be guaranteed a spot.

Elective (participant choice) sessions are scheduled prior to the start of each academic year and also added and advertised as necessary. Events will be posted to the LEAD Calendar and also to the LEAD sign-up page if registration is required.

Reflection Credit: Remember that most sessions require a follow-up reflection. By navigating the appropriate sections of the LEAD page on Sakai, you will be brought directly to the assignments and documents needed to receive full credit for your participation.

Tracking your Progress: You will have access to your personalized checklist on Sakai to ensure you are staying on track to complete the program requirements. Be sure to check your progress and email the LEAD Team or Dean Hobbs if you find that your credits are not being kept up to date.


leadership Education

Attend a series of workshops and roundtables designed to prompt reflection and learning about specific aspects of leadership as they relate to personal development. Two workshops and two roundtables are pre-selected. Two are of participant choice under elective offerings.

  • Core Workshops:
    • Strengths Quest Personal Assessment
    • The Fine Line: Leadership and Followership
  • Core Roundtables:
    • Dead Leaders Society
    • Design Roundtable
  • Elective Workshops: 
    • Bending, Breaking, and Just Saying No
    • Who to Know, Where to Go
    • Does Personality Really Matter?
    • Beyond IQ: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

facilitation & team Building

Learn how to facilitate a variety of team building exercises that will build confidence, enhance communication skills, and teach risk-taking strategies.

  • Core Sessions:
    • Team Building 101
    • Challenge Course

Service learning

Service is a fundamental building block of leadership. In addition to completing a required numbers of hands-on service hours, students will become aware of opportunities in our local community and foster a deeper appreciation for the mutually beneficial experience that occurs through service learning.

  • Core Sessions:
    • Rockbridge 101
    • Community Service (complete 17 additional hours of hands-on service)
    • Fall Term Group Reflection Session
    • Winter Term Group Reflection Session


We believe that leadership is interdisciplinary. Attend a variety of speakers and programs that are not leadership-specific, think critically about how different topics apply to leadership, and reflect on the content using provided prompts.  Two sessions are pre-selected and one is of participant choice under elective offerings.

  • Core Sessions:  
    • Speaker hosted by LEAD: Trust and the Virtues of Leadership
    • Leaders in Action - Connect with campus and community leaders to gain their insight on leadership. Explore why they lead, how they lead, the challenges they face, etc. submit a written reflection to the Integration Chair
  • Elective Session:
    • Attend one additional event of your choice: a campus speaker, a roundtable or discussion group, a pre-approved conference experience, etc. *Note: Roundtables of choice do not need to be be hosted by LEAD; however, the program will host elective roundtables.

End of year reflection

Prompt is provided by the LEAD Team and creative reflections are presented during Spring Term (or as scheduled for students going abroad during the spring).