Tier 2 of the LEAD Program prompts students to explore leadership as a collective responsibility, to think critically about group process and role identity, and to examine the dynamics of effective collaboration and communication through continued refinement, integration, and application of Tier 1 skills in a team setting.


leadership Education

Attend and reflect on four workshops and two roundtables. All topics are pre-selected in Tier 2.

  • Core Workshops:
    • Strengths Quest Part II
    • Group Process & Theory
    • Presentations with Professor Lind
  • Core Roundtables:
    • Effective Feedback
    • Design Roundtable

facilitation & team Building

Attend and reflect upon two pre-selected core sessions.

  • Core Sessions:
    • Team Building 201
    • Facilitating Discussions

Service Learning

Complete and reflect upon service experience.

  • Core Sessions:
    • Service & Leadership 101
    • Community Service (complete 19 additional hours)
      • Within hours you must: (a) attend 1 Bonner, APO, or NSL meeting and (b) bring a non-LEAD friend to serve with you
      • Remember to log your hours in the Community Engagement Log
    • Reflection: Write a two page paper upon completion of service hours. Explore the changes in your site between start to finish, discuss your learning and growing as a volunteer, and identify one experience that required you to draw on one of the required workshops or roundtables.


Attend and reflect upon three integration sessions. Two sessions are pre-selected and one is of participant choice under elective offerings.

  • Core Sessions:
    • Case Study: Group conflict & decision making
    • Diversity & Leadership: Creating a culture of inclusion
  • Elective Sessions:
    • Attend one additional event of your choice: a campus speaker or a roundtable or discussion group, a pre-approved team building/facilitation experience, or a pre-approved conference. *Note: Roundtables of choice do not need to be hosted by LEAD; however, the program will host elective roundtables.

End of year reflection

Prompt is provided by the LEAD Team and creative reflections are presented during Spring Term (or as scheduled for students going abroad during the spring).