Tier 3 of the LEAD Program empowers students to apply lessons from Tiers 1 and 2, prepare for effective transitions, and critically examine the contributions of self and others.


Core (required) sessions are scheduled prior to the start of each academic year.

Elective (participant choice) sessions are scheduled prior to the start of each academic year and also added and advertised as necessary.

In order to track progress, register for workshops, and complete reflections, participants need to create an account with Engage W&L using their W&L credentials, and request to become a member of the Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program.


leadership Education

Attend and reflect on three pre-selected core workshops.

  • Core Workshops:

    • Leadership and Ethics (1 hour)

    • Passing the Baton (1 hour)

    • Power as a Spectrum (1 hour)

facilitation & team Building

Attend and reflect upon two pre-selected core sessions.

  • Core Sessions/Activities:

    • Team Building 201 (2 hours)*

    • Facilitate a team building activity for an organization in which you are a member of (1-2 hours)

Service Learning

Complete and reflect upon service experience (15 hours total).

  • Core Activities:

    • Community Service Hours (complete 15 hours)

      • Remember to log your hours in Engage W&L/GivePulse. All community service hours should be recorded in the main Washington and Lee University page, NOT the LEAD page. However, the LEAD Program and your corresponding Tier subgroup should be selected in the sharing option. Any questions on Engage W&L/GivePulse can be directed to Leah Beard or one of the LEAD Team Members.

  • Elective Sessions:

    • Recruiting & Motivating Volunteers (30 minutes)


Participants will self-select teams and work on a legacy project of their choice. Participants are encouraged to look for project opportunities in areas they are passionate about on or off-campus, and they should consider short-term and long-term impacts. Timeline and additional details are outlined by the LEAD Team and distributed internally.

Participants will also meet with a Career Fellow to learn how to market their LEAD experience.

  • Core Activities:

    • Meet with a Career Fellow (1 hour)

    • Legacy Project proposal and completion

    • Legacy Project group presentation

End of year reflection

Creative reflections are presented during Spring Term (or as scheduled for students going abroad during the spring).

  • Reflection Prompt:

    • In what ways did the Tier 3 experience challenge/support your development as a leader?

    • What are 1-3 takeaways from the entire LEAD experience?

    • For seniors, what from Tier 3 do you feel will be most applicable as you transition out of W&L? What learning are you most interested to apply beyond campus?

    • For juniors, what from Tier 3 did you learn about transitions and/or engagement that will assist you as you leave leadership roles and welcome new members into them?