TED Talk Review: "How to start a movement"

By Tierney Wolgemuth '16 

This video has come up a lot lately in LEAD team discussions—both in terms of leadership and “followership”. The idea that the first follower " turns a lone nut into a leader" really illustrates that a leader is nothing without people willing to back them up. And it takes a lot of courage to be the first follower— in fact, Siver suggests that “primary followership” is an underestimated form of leadership in itself!  I think this video is an encouragement to be conscious of the potential movements that are going on around us all.  If a worthy cause, have the courage to be the first follower that is needed to start a movement.

A second point that I really love about this message:  as soon as a leader has one follower, the focus should leave the leader and point towards the group. It’s not about the leader anymore, but about the movement! It’s important for us to remember that as leaders. As much personal development and introspection as we may undergo (both in LEAD and beyond), once we have a follower, we can no longer be the focus—rather, the focus must be on “us”.