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October 2018: At our annual LEAD Program Kick-off we welcomed 26 students into Tier 1 and currently have just below 50 students engaged with the program.

Spring 2018: We graduated our first class of Tier 3 members and were proud of their Tier 3 legacy projects, all leaving a lasting impact on W&L. We also officially transitioned leadership and celebrated our first female LEAD Team Strategist.

September 28, 2016: At our annual LEAD Program Kick-Off event we celebrated the acceptance of 46 new Tier 1 participants. Pictured below are the first-year and sophomore participants that joined us to learn more about the program requirements and expectations.

March 13-14, 2016: We officially welcomed seven new students to the LEAD Management Team for 2016-17. A big thank you to the Design Team for their transition efforts as we begin to share roles & responsibilities!

March 14, 2016: We recognize many individual and student organization accomplishments within the past year! To see the list of award recipients please checkout the press release here.


our goals

LEAD PROGRAM: Through participation in the Leadership Educations and Development (LEAD) Program students will be exposed in a number of applied learning experiences such as interactive workshops and service opportunities. Students will also be encouraged to think critically, examine their definition and style of leadership, and reflect on their personal development, community impact, and ability to lead with authenticity. We see leadership to be relational and situational and our program emphasizes that effective leadership combines both the head and the heart, the tangible and intangible skills and qualities. For more information about the LEAD Program, click here.

LEAD BANQUET: An evening of celebration; recognizing the many individual and group accomplishments that have come to fruition within the past year. The banquet also offers moments of gratitude and affirmation as we know that the Washington and Lee co-curricular experience would not be as vibrant without the hard work of dedicated student leaders. To visit our platform for nomination submissions, click here.

While the Division of Student Affairs works collaboratively to promote Washington and Lee University's core values of academic excellence, civility, personal honor and integrity, we appreciate student feedback and want to be intentional in our programmatic efforts. Please contact Megan Hobbs, Assistant Dean of Students and Dean of Sophomores, if you are interested in leadership development, educational offerings, and/or programmatic efforts that align with our goals.

The Program

Seeking to develop your leadership style? LEAD is proud to launch the first tier of its brand new leadership program this Fall. 

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Check out our new blog - a new platform for sharing stories, videos, and experiences related to leadership! 

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