Group Awards

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The Best Student Organization (Americus White Award): Recognizes the student organization that has shown excellence in leadership, management, and programmatic efforts. Allocation of funds is a factor in selection.

Best Event: Recognizes the event that best impacted Washington & Lee during the current academic year.

Best Service Event: Recognizes the campus group or specific event that proved to be impactful by engaging and educating a significant number of volunteers and created a meaningful difference for the population served- whether locally or in another community. 

Greenest Group (or Event):  Recognizes the student organization that has made an impact towards sustainability related efforts either on W&L campus or in our global community.

Outstanding Philanthropic Efforts: Recognizes the student organization/chapter whose philanthropic efforts have made the most impact on our campus while supporting a local/national/global cause. The most funds raised per capita and the most innovative way of raising those funds is a factor in selection.